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We are Transcription specialists for contents inventory. (Residential or Industrial)


We transcribe handwritten sheets, dictated audio recordings, and do detailed description of contents that are photographed individually.  We are also experts in doing valuations (pricing of items) by using web based price research. 

We will work on whatever template your company provides. Our transcribers are MS Excel experts.

Transcription without price research:  

  • 500-1000 lines – 4-7 business days‬ 
  • 1000-2000 lines – 7-12 business days 
  • 2000 lines and above – 7-14 business days 

Transcription with price research: ‪

  • 500-1000 lines – 7-10 business days‬ 
  • 1000-2000 lines – 10-14 business days 
  • 2000 lines and above – 10-21 business days

Inventory transcription – charged per line 

General Transcription (audio) charged per audio minute PDF 

Document transcription – charged per line

Upon contracting our service, a job order will be sent via email. 


  • Client signs job order 
  • Client sends raw data (handwritten file in pdf, audio or photos) 
  • After completion of each segment (per room, or per floor), we will send proof of completion by sending a .jpg or .pdf of of the inventory. We will then send an invoice for payment of the completed segment. Upon receipt of payment, the excel file will be sent immediately, and we will proceed on working on the next segments (rooms). 
  • Invoice will be sent to client showing total number of lines, total RCV (replacement cost value)

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