Photo Transcription Vs Artificial Intelligence

I have been doing photo data transcription for Public Adjusters and Appraisers for personal property for about 11 years now. When I started, I was not aware of any software, or mobile application that can actually recognize items in the photos and automatically transcribe the recognized item into a spreadsheet. When I learned about this software, I was somewhat threatened, that technology would once again take away jobs from people like me who make a living out of transcription. But before concluding that this so called software and application would take away my main source of income, I decided to use it, thinking that it might make my job easier (and faster). I downloaded Google Lens in my mobile phone and started using it for items that I myself could not identify.

When I encountered this photo from a “Garage”, to be honest, I could not identify it. I decided to use the “Lens”. Using the mobile app, I snapped a picture of this item from my laptop:

This is the result of my search:

And I was amazed, the “Lens” does help! I figured, this app would make my work so much easier.

However, out of the 10 items that I searched, the “lens”only recognized one, which was very frustrating. One example of an item that it could not recognize is this:

I knew that this item is something “medical” but with the angle and without a label, I found it hard to identify it. I tried using the “lens” and it suggested these:

Not of much help ain’t it? The app basically just searched for pictures of the same color but none of the results showed what the actual item is.

Based on the other items that I have already transcribed for this homeowner, I can basically confirm that this is a medical supply, I just didn’t know what. By doing a very simple google image search and typing “blue plastic bag with cap”.

The search yielded thousands of results, and by slowly scrolling down, voila! there was a small picture right there in the middle, that if one didn’t look closely, one wouldn’t really notice it. It say’s “emesis vomit bag” and does look a lot like the one from the “contents photo”. So from there, I did another google search of emesis bag and here’s what it shows:

My point is, although technology does help us in so many ways, It could not really 100% replace the “discernment” and “logic” that humans can inherently provide. One way or another, we would still go back to the basics and consult, or hire an actual human being to do some of the tedious work for us. And that’s what we’re here for. Transcribers International can help you with your transcription needs. Transcribed by humans, for humans…

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