Inventory Using Photo Data

Doing an inventory of the house contents is quite a taxing job. In order to ensure that insurance providers won’t rip off homeowners of their much deserved settlement, public adjusters must make sure to do a detailed inventory of the contents inside the insured’s property.

 Adjusters commonly used methods are:

  • Handwritten inventory – where items are listed manually (usually by the homeowner), and then typed into a spreadsheet.  This method is used especially if there is total loss on a room, or the entire property. The homeowners will write down house contents from memory
  • Audio Recording –  a specialist goes onsite and dictates the house contents (or whatever items are still visible) to an audio recorder. The specialist will manually go over each and every single item, dictating the detailed description (brand, type, size, serial numbers, make, model, dimensions, etc).

Take into consideration the state in which the house is in, if it was flooded, or if it has fire or smoke damage, it is actually hazardous for the specialists doing the inventory as they could be prone to accidents while inside the vicinity.

Photo Inventory

One resourceful way to do a detailed inventory is by taking photos of all contents of the house. This way, the inventory can be done based on the photos taken. Understandably, the specialist must take clear photos of the items and see to it that brand names, model numbers, and other elements vital to describing the items must have a clear photo.


Items photographed onsite can then be transcribed into an excel template by a Photo Data specialist.

A photo data specialist is one that is an expert in identifying items by looking at the photos. All items found in the photos will be identified individually, with all the necessary description, such as what kind of item it is, what brand (if indicated), and an elaborate description of the make, model, material, and dimensions. This part can be done offsite,  or can even be outsourced remotely.

Transcribers International, with almost 10 years of experience in Photo Data Inventory can help you minimize costs by doing the tedious task of inventory. We also do price research or valuation by looking up the items and provide accurate pricing.

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