Inventory and Valuation Service

As a Public Adjuster, you can never anticipate the losses that come your way. With Transcribers International as your partner, you can be rest assured that you’ll always have a staff that’s prepared to take on the tedious task of transcribing and researching.

Transcribers International’s diversified services allows you to submit hand-written or audio recorded files to us for transcription using several data formats, without changing any of your current business process.

You can send your files to us electronically, via email, or through a cloud based site, and our expert transcribers will work on it based on agreed turn around time. Your completed document will be sent via email as an attachment.

  • Our diversified services virtually gives you unlimited back-office support, without having to pay expensive overhead costs.
  • You will have your own account manager, which will serve as your virtual assistant, until full completion of the loss / project assigned to us.
  • Our office is open 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.
  • We can handle extremely large documents which can be completed upon the agreed turn around time set by you.
  • All submissions are editable on your end.
  • Any changes, updates, adjustments per your instructions will be made at no additional cost. However, additional items will be charged accordingly.
  • No more hourly wages. Our “per line” fee ensures easy and accurate billing.

Transcribers International offers affordable solution to your transcription and valuation needs

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